gel3“Nature has always been a source of invaluable remedies.”

For thousands of years the goodness of the snail has been the subject of medical writings.
Snail gel is used as a base in ointments and creams used to treat skin ulcers, and in cough syrups, since it rebuilds the damaged epithelium of the larynx and bronchial tubes.

Snail gel is a kind of mucus, a useful secretion for the land snail as it prevents any exposed soft tissue becoming dehydrated. In nature, snails use their slime to glide up vertical surfaces without falling off, so the slime works either as a lubricant or as an adhesive.

With this principle in mind, the mucus that is left behind by snails and which they use to rebuild their shells has been studied, leading to the discovery of unique qualities within its composition, since certain ingredients occur naturally within it that have been used for years in skincare creams, such as: collagen, allantoin, elastin, vitamins A, C, and E, glycolic acid and a natural antibiotic disinfectant. .

It is not possible to recreate snail gel in a laboratory setting, which makes it a 100% natural form of treatment, free from colourants, paraffins, and mineral oils.
Epoke Gel was born in South America in 1968, and is known as a miracle Gel! It is unique in that every pack contains 90% pure extract of snail gel. In fact, snail gel is most effective when it is packaged without the addition of external ingredients. For that reason, we have created the purest slime possible.