Estratto bava di lumacaSnail slime extract Snail slime protein extract

Il Epoke Gel® is made for facial care and the beauty of the skin. The secret of this wonderful product lies in its natural components as well as its regenerating and antioxidant effects. It helps maintain an adequate level of hydration in the skin and nourishes skin tissue, improving tone and elasticity.

It is especially used to fight acne, prevent wrinkles, repair tissue and heal wounds and can erase the signs of these defects. Daily use renders the skin elastic and toned.
The secret of this wonderful product is found in its natural ingredients: collagen, allantoin, glycolic acid, elastin, a natural antibiotic with disinfectant action, vitamins and proteins.

Each of these ingredients has a very precise action, providing the skin with the proper level of hydration and nourishing it.

Epoke is fabulous!! It can be easily used at any age and on any skin type (mature skin or that of children and pregnant women). It’s a natural product and does not provoke any allergic reactions, allowing it can be used with confidence. From the very first application, it erases signs of fatigue, making the skin smooth. Its exfoliating effect lends a more even tone to facial skin and makes it softer.

The gel is rapidly absorbed allowing make up to be applied over it.

Production of the gel is environmentally friendly and involves no animal mistreatment as it is comprised of naturally occurring secretions left by snails.