Prevents and eliminates premature wrinkles.
Apply to clean skin morning and night every day, even before applying make-up.


Eliminates imperfections, combats warts, eliminates burn marks.


Fights acne by definitively eliminating the bacteria that cause it.
Apply to clean skin every morning and night.


Noticeably reduces scars.
Essential for preventing stretch marks during pregnancy.


Reduces cellulite.
Massage onto clean skin over the affected area every day.


Makes marks left by illnesses such as chicken pox invisible.


Recommended in post-surgical treatments for rapid healing and to avoid developing infections.


For babies, eradicates redness caused by nappies.


Eliminates imperfections left by pregnancy, freckles, and more.


Wonderful after being out in the sun, refreshes and offers relief to hot skin… making your tan longer lasting and free of imperfections.
After a day in the sun, Epoke can be used at night.


Reduces and combats varicose veins.
To combat varicose veins Epoke should be applied cold (perhaps after leaving the gel in the fridge the day before). Reduces inflammation and provides noticeable relief.


Helps combat haemorrhoids.
Should be applied cold every day.